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Get Accessible Now! provides the nation’s only fully accessible public job board. We are Mission Strong! We put individuals with disabilities and the veteran wounded warriors on an equal footing with all other people looking for employment! What this means is any individual who may be blind, visually impaired, dyslexic, brain injured, an amputee, epileptic or have any other disability that might make it difficult to navigate typical job search and application processes can now easily transverse the web and fill out on-line job applications.


Every federal contractor needs this tool. Section 508 of the ADA requires accessibility to jobs, Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act of the ADA has established targets for federal contractors requiring that 7% of their jobs be filled by individuals with disabilities, and the Veterans Act another 7% to be filled by veterans. All current applicant-tracking systems are not accessible! This poses challenges to companies and the HR community – Get Accessible Now! provides the technologies to overcome these problems.

Each candidate on the site is a self-identified individual with a disability, a veteran wounded warrior, service member or a veteran. Our candidates have excellent job skills from PhD. scientists to service workers, many with the discipline of military experience. This is an excellent and not fully tapped pool of exceptional workers.


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